Foshan Zhongjian Fourth Bureau Shunzhong Ronggui School Project

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Case Study: Foshan Zhongjian Fourth Bureau Shunzhong Ronggui School Project

Foshan Zhongjian Fourth Bureau Shunzhong Ronggui School Project 拷贝


Project Overview

The Shunzhong Ronggui School, under the aegis of the Foshan Zhongjian Fourth Bureau, represents a major educational infrastructure development designed to provide state-of-the-art facilities for students. In line with modern sustainable building practices, Yude RainEco was tasked with implementing an integrated rainwater harvesting system at the school. This project was aimed at promoting environmental education through practical application while also managing water resources effectively.


The project focused on several critical goals:

Sustainable Water Management: Implement a system to collect and use rainwater within the school premises, reducing dependence on municipal water supply and teaching students about sustainable practices.

Educational Integration: Use the system as a live educational tool to help students learn about water conservation and sustainable living.

Cost and Resource Efficiency: Reduce water usage costs and minimize the environmental footprint of the school.

Yude RainEco’s Role

Yude RainEco was involved in designing and installing a comprehensive rainwater harvesting system tailored to the needs of an educational institution:

Customized Rainwater Harvesting System:

A modular rainwater harvesting system was installed, designed to capture rainwater from school buildings and grounds. The system includes storage tanks and treatment facilities to ensure the water is safe for non-potable uses such as irrigation and flushing toilets.

The design was made student-friendly, with components of the system visible to students for educational purposes without compromising safety or functionality.

Educational Workshops and Programs:

Yude RainEco collaborated with school authorities to develop educational programs that incorporate the rainwater system into the school’s curriculum. This initiative helps students understand the impact of sustainable practices on environmental conservation.

Interactive workshops and informational signage were created around the rainwater harvesting system to engage students and promote awareness.


The installation of the rainwater harvesting system at Shunzhong Ronggui School provided numerous benefits:

Water Conservation: The school significantly reduced its reliance on municipal water, leading to lower utility costs and less strain on local water resources.

Educational Impact: Students gained firsthand experience with sustainable technology, fostering a generation that is more conscious of environmental issues and solutions.

Community Engagement: The project served as a model of sustainability within the community, encouraging other institutions to consider similar environmental initiatives.


The Foshan Zhongjian Fourth Bureau Shunzhong Ronggui School project stands as a testament to Yude RainEco’s ability to integrate eco-friendly water management solutions into diverse settings, including educational environments. By coupling sustainable technology with educational programs, Yude RainEco has not only enhanced the school’s operational efficiency but also enriched the learning environment, making a lasting impact on the community and future generations.


Picture of Yude RainEco

Yude RainEco

Yude RainEco is a leading company in China that focuses on sustainable rainwater solutions and has been in business for over 10 years. We work on creating efficient systems for managing and using rainwater.

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