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Yude Rain Eco specializes in innovative rainwater harvesting solutions, dedicated to empowering businesses, municipalities, and commercial organizations to embrace sustainability. Our core brand values center on environmental stewardship, technological innovation, and community well-being.
We offer a comprehensive range of products, from cutting-edge rainwater capture systems to efficient storage solutions and filtration technologies, designed for ease of installation and minimal maintenance.
Our solutions are tailored to meet diverse needs, ensuring water conservation efforts contribute significantly to reducing the ecological footprint. At Yude Rain Eco, we are committed to turning rainwater into a valuable resource, fostering a sustainable future for our planet.

Our Solutions

Yude RainEco’s solutions and services are meticulously designed to enhance sustainability and efficiency in water management and urban infrastructure. Our comprehensive suite includes:

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About Yude RainEco

Revolutionizing Sustainable Building Solutions

Yude RainEco, founded in 2018 in the picturesque city of Chancheng, Foshan, is at the forefront of sustainable building solutions in China. Specializing in advanced rainwater collection and sponge city construction technologies, Yude RainEco is dedicated to pioneering eco-friendly infrastructure.

With a rich portfolio of patents and a commitment to innovation, our company offers a wide range of products, from rainwater collection systems to intelligent solutions for sponge cities.

Why Choose Us

Yude RainEco: Where Innovation Meets Sustainability, Redefining the Landscape of Tomorrow’s Buildings.

Systems supplied and installed throughout China
One billion liters of water saved annually
System maintenance customers throughout China
Million KgCo2e of carbon saved per year
sq.ft Plant floor space
tons Annual production capacity

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At the heart of Yude RainEco’s ethos lies a steadfast commitment to independent innovation, underscored by an impressive portfolio of patents in rainwater-related technologies. Our product range exemplifies excellence, offering a comprehensive suite including rainwater harvesting and utilization systems, siphon rainwater systems, intelligent sponge city solutions, and more.

Yude RainEco's advantage point

Yude Rain Eco’s comprehensive and innovative approach not only advances sustainable urban development but also positions the company as a leader in environmental stewardship and green technology solutions.


Comprehensive Water Management

Yude Rain Eco offers an all-encompassing suite of products for rainwater collection, recycling, and efficient drainage. This holistic approach ensures that every aspect of water management is covered, from collection and usage to fast drainage and purification, addressing both the supply and mitigation of excess water in urban environments.


Eco-Friendly Solutions

Our company's focus on environmentally friendly technologies, like the initial purification rainwater inlet and permeable bricks, underscores its commitment to sustainability. These solutions not only support green infrastructure but also contribute to reducing urban heat islands and enhancing air quality.


Innovation and Technology

With a portfolio rich in patents, Yude Rain Eco is at the forefront of technological innovation in the industry. Our siphon drainage system and HDPE pipes represent cutting-edge solutions that offer superior performance in water management.


Support for Urban Greenery

The ecological tree pool initiative reflects Yude Rain Eco's dedication to urban greening efforts. By ensuring large vegetation receives adequate water directly to its roots, Yude RainEco supports the vitality of urban ecosystems, contributing to biodiversity and beautification.


Durability and Safety

The use of high-density polyethylene pipes (HDPE) for municipal drainage and water supply underscores Yude RainEco's commitment to durable, safe water infrastructure. These pipes resist corrosion, chemicals, and physical impacts, ensuring a long-lasting and reliable water management system.


Flood Prevention and Groundwater Recharge

Through the implementation of permeable bricks, Yude Rain Eco addresses critical urban challenges like flood prevention and groundwater recharge. This solution allows rainwater to permeate through surfaces, reducing runoff and facilitating the replenishment of aquifers, thus contributing to sustainable water cycle management.

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Driven by the ethos of “quality first, service foremost,” we endeavor to elevate the “Yude” brand as synonymous with technological prowess and customer satisfaction. Our ultimate aspiration is to not only be recognized as a leading enterprise but also to set the benchmark for exemplary products in the industry.

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