Rainwater Harvesting Tanks
Soakaway Crates
Underground rainwater cisterns (1)
Retention Ponds
Rainwater Harvesting Tanks
Soakaway Crates
Underground rainwater cisterns (1)
Retention Ponds

Rainwater Harvesting Tanks

Rainwater collection modules, also known as stormwater attenuation crates
or underground rainwater cisterns, are specially designed systems for the efficient collection and utilization of rainwater. Here are some key features and benefits:

  • Material Advantages: Made from polypropylene (PP), these tanks are lightweight, yet strong and durable. The material’s corrosion resistance ensures longevity and reduces maintenance needs, while being non-toxic and tasteless makes it safe for storing water for various uses.
  • Efficient Water Storage: The special structural design of these tanks allows for effective rainwater collection and storage, ensuring that a significant volume of rainwater can be captured from roofs and other surfaces.
  • Flexible Design: The modular nature of these tanks allows them to be adapted to different spatial requirements and integrated into various building designs. This flexibility facilitates the implementation of tailored rainwater solutions for different building types and sizes.
  • Multiple Uses: Stored rainwater can be used for irrigation, flushing toilets, and cleaning, reducing the demand on mains water supply and decreasing water bills.
  • Large Capacity and Modularity: The tanks have a large storage capacity and can be combined in various configurations to meet specific site and capacity needs. This modularity is particularly advantageous in adapting to different geographic environments and urban settings.
  • Environmental Benefits: By collecting and using rainwater, these systems help in reducing runoff and mitigating flood risks, especially in urban areas with impervious surfaces. Additionally, they contribute to sustainable water management practices.
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Module Features

Stormwater attenuation crates main technical parameters
1. Dimensions: The modules are available in two standard sizes, 1000mm L x 500mm W x 400mm H and 1000mm L x 500mm W x 500mm H respectively.
2. Material: The modules are made of recycled PP (polypropylene), which is not only strong and durable, but also has good ageing, high and low temperature resistance, and can adapt to a variety of harsh environments.

Stormwater attenuation crates product design and application advantages
1. Design Flexibility: The modules can be flexibly combined into pools of different shapes and sizes, customised according to site conditions and needs, greatly enhancing their ability to adapt to different projects.
2. Long service life: The use of durable PP recycled material improves the service life of the product and ensures its stability in various environmental conditions.
3. Ease of construction: The modular design simplifies the installation process, eliminating the need for large-scale machinery and allowing for quick assembly of the box at the construction site through simple module splicing.
4. Transport efficiency: the split design allows each module to be disassembled for easy transport and storage, saving space and reducing transport costs.
5. Short construction cycle: rapid on-site assembly allows for same-day installation and immediate backfilling, greatly reducing the construction cycle.
6. Environmentally friendly features: made of renewable and environmentally friendly materials, it not only protects the underground ecology, but can also be recycled and reused, in line with the requirements of modern green buildings.
7. Cost Advantage: Compared with traditional water storage facilities, this modular rainwater harvesting system offers significant advantages in terms of labour, transport, maintenance and operating costs.

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