Siphon Drainage System -Siphon Rainwater Hopper
Siphon Drainage System -Siphon Rainwater Hopper

Siphon Drainage System -Siphon Rainwater Hopper

The design and composition of siphon rainwater hopper in YUDE siphon drainage system has the following features and advantages:

  • Excellent material: the chassis of the rainwater hopper is made of high-quality 304 stainless steel, which has excellent corrosion resistance and long-lasting durability. The pressure ring and deflector cover are made of hard aluminium alloy and zinc alloy die-casting, which also have high strength and excellent corrosion resistance.
  • Anti-vortex design: The rainwater hopper has a strong anti-vortex function, which can effectively prevent air from flowing into the drainage system through the inlet of the rainwater hopper. When the water level rises to a certain height, a water seal is formed, completely blocking the entry of air, thus ensuring that rainwater can enter the sewerage system smoothly.
  • Reduces roof loading: By minimising the depth of water in the rainwater hopper, it effectively reduces the loading pressure caused by rainwater on the roof, which is particularly important for large roofs to improve the safety and durability of the roof.
  • Increased flow capacity: The siphon rainwater hopper design significantly increases the flow handling capacity of rainwater, ensuring that roof water can be handled efficiently even in heavy rainfall conditions, avoiding leaks or damage to the roof caused by excessive water accumulation.
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Siphon Drainage System -Siphon Rainwater Hopper Description

  1. Cold and High Temperature Resistance
    When the HDPE pipe full of water is frozen, thepipe will elastically expand and contract with thefreezing condition, and once the ice melts, the pipecan return to its original state by itself. When thetemperature reaches 80’c(without mechanicalexternal force), it can still be used safely.
  2. Corrosion resistance
    The molecular structure (alkane structure) is stable, and the piping is highlyresistant to chemicals
  3. Abrasion resistance
    HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) pipes have a smooth surface that is noteasily clogged, and can effectively resist abrasion of pipes by stones and sand.

Siphon Drainage System -Siphon Rainwater Hopper Technical

Rainwater Hopper Model optimum fiow range size of the hole reserved for the roof
K63 6~13L/S 200MM
K75 13~24L/S 300MM
K90 24~30L/S 300MM
K110 30~42L/S 300MM
K125 42~71L/S 240MM
K160 70~120L/S 240MM

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