Siphon Drainage Systems-Suspension Systems3
Siphon Drainage Systems-Suspension Systems3

Siphon Drainage Systems-Suspension Systems

Yude’s siphon drainage suspension system offers several key properties and features:

  • Roof structure protection: the system is designed to ensure that the pipe is installed without stressing or damaging the roof structure, protecting the integrity and durability of the roof.
  • Installation Flexibility: Pipes are installed regardless of the distance between the pipe and the roof, providing greater design and installation flexibility for a wide range of different building types and roof structures.
  • Thermal Expansion and Contraction Management: By using steel guides to absorb the axial forces generated by the thermal expansion and contraction of the pipework, structural stresses and potential damage caused by temperature changes are effectively avoided, improving the stability and safety of the system.
  • No Expansion Joints Required: The system’s design eliminates the need for expansion joints commonly found in traditional drainage systems, reducing maintenance points and potential leakage risks.
  • Leak-proof design: Through precision engineering and high-quality manufacturing processes, the system effectively eliminates the possibility of leaks, ensuring drainage efficiency and building dryness and safety.

These features allow Yude’s siphon drainage systems to provide efficient drainage while increasing system reliability and building protection, making them particularly suitable for high-end projects where building protection is a particular requirement.

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Siphon Drainage Systems-Suspension Systems4 Siphon Drainage Systems-Suspension Systems1

Siphon Drainage System – Suspension Sample

Siphon Drainage Systems Suspension Systems2

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