Stormwater Infiltration Drains1
Stormwater Infiltration Drains1

Stormwater Infiltration Drains

Infiltration drainage exists to meet the needs of urban drainage construction,and has the function of infiltration while draining water.It is made of environmentally friendly polypropylene(PP)material molded in one shot through the injection molding process,and is used as an important product for infiltration drainage pipes in the municipal pipe network.

The infiltration drain is a modification of the traditional rainwater drainage equipment,changing the rainwater pipe into an infiltration pipe (perforated pipe). After installation,the gravel is backfilled around the perimeter and the infiltration pipe is used so that the rainwater can infiltrate through the soil layer. The advantage of the modified equipment is that it occupies a small footprint,is permeable to the water,and is assembled from a single module. Assembled using skeletonized plastic modules with up to 95%clearance.

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Advantages of rainwater Infiltration Drains

  1. Flexible Connections: Infiltration drains can be connected individually or in conjunction with other drainage facilities, providing a high degree of design and application flexibility.
  2. Water Flow Dredging and Groundwater Recycling: These drains not only help to divert surface water flow and prevent ponding and flooding, but also support rainwater infiltration and increase groundwater recharge for water recycling.
  3. Wide range of application scenarios: Infiltration drains are suitable for use in a variety of settings, including green areas, permeable pavements, small car parks, industrial areas and residential areas, providing effective stormwater management solutions for cities.
  4. Increased stormwater retention: installing infiltration drains underneath grassed swales can expand the amount of stormwater retained and reduce stormwater runoff, thereby reducing pressure on downstream water bodies.
  5. Enhanced Infiltration: Infiltration swales can be configured under bioretention ponds and rain gardens to enhance surface water infiltration and purification, improving water quality in the area.
  6. Multi-functional combination: Infiltration trenches can be combined with a gravel infiltration layer to increase storage space and improve infiltration efficiency. This combination is particularly useful in narrow municipal roads and back green spaces.
  7. Environmentally friendly: by increasing groundwater recharge and improving water quality, infiltration drains have a positive impact on environmental sustainability and ecological balance.

Stormwater Infiltration Drains2

Scope of Application of rainwater Infiltration Drains

  1. Mainly used for building residential areas (residential areas,commercial building areas,industrial areas,etc.)within the scope of the buried depth shall not exceed 6m,not down the well actual operation of the plastic drainage check well project design,construction and equipment repair and maintenance.
  2. In general,soil,soft soil,permanent frozen soil,seasonal frozen soil,expansive soil and wet soil conditions of plastic drainage check well construction.
  3. Areas where the seismic cracking degree is 9 and below.
  4. Residential neighborhoods in general,the roadway pavement load according to the total weight of the vehicle 15t (rear wheel pressure 5t),the fire lane pavement load according to the total weight of the vehicle 30t (rear wheel pressure 6t)design.

Stormwater Infiltration Drains3

Infiltration canal installation process

  1. First lay gravel,lay geotextile,fill gravel,lay geotextile, install infiltration channel,lay geotextile,fill gravel,soil backfill.
  2. Infiltration Drainage Flexible layout,easy to install,simple splicing,stable structure,good pressure-bearing capacity,environmentally friendly and durable,corrosion-resistant,high strength,compression and shock resistance,good toughness,can be used with rainwater pipes,infiltration ponds,infiltration wells,or can be used alone.

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