From the Roof to the Ground: How Yude Rain Eco’s Rainwater Harvesting System Can Assist with Rainwater Management

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Rainwater management is a vital aspect of modern urban planning, particularly in regions prone to heavy rainfall. Yude Rain Eco offers a comprehensive rainwater harvesting system designed to effectively manage rainwater from the roof to the ground. This system not only helps mitigate the risk of flooding but also promotes sustainable water use. Here’s how Yude Rain Eco’s rainwater harvesting system can revolutionize your rainwater management:

Advanced Siphon Drainage System

At the core of Yude Rain Eco’s solution is the innovative siphon drainage system. Unlike traditional drainage methods, this system utilizes a vacuum to draw rainwater rapidly from rooftops. This ensures that water does not accumulate, preventing damage and prolonging the lifespan of your roof. The siphon system is highly efficient, capable of handling large volumes of storm water with ease.


Siphon Drainage System Working Principle

  1. Rainwater Collection:Rainwater is collected from the roof through gutters and channelled into downpipes.
  2. Full-Bore Flow Initiation:A special rainwater hopper with an anti-vortex device ensures that no air is trapped in the water entering the system.
  3. Vacuum Creation:When rainwater fills the pipes, the difference in water level between the roof and the ground creates a pressure differential. This pressure difference causes the water to be sucked into the pipe at a high velocity.
  4. Siphonic Action:Driven by atmospheric pressure and the vacuum created in the pipes, rainwater is efficiently and rapidly discharged from the system.
  5. Discharge:The high velocity water flow is directed to an underground storage area connected to an underground soakaway tank or attenuation pond for further management of the collected rainwater.
  6. Siphon Breaker:A siphon blocking device is installed to stop the siphon action when the rain stops. Prevents the system from continuing to pump water when not required, ensuring efficient operation and preventing potential damage to the system.

commercial roof drains 06

Benefits of Siphon Drainage Systems

  • Increased Flow Rate: The vacuum effect significantly increases the flow rate compared to conventional gravity drainage systems.
  • Reduced Pipe Size: Due to the higher flow rate, smaller diameter pipes can be used, saving space and materials.
  • Efficient Roof Drainage: The system quickly removes water from the roof, preventing ponding and potential structural damage.
  • Cost-Effective: Reduced material usage and efficient drainage reduce overall costs.
  • Design Flexibility: The system can be tailored to different building designs and roof structures.

Efficient Rainwater Collection

In addition to roof-based collection, Yude Rain Eco offers above-ground rainwater harvesting systems. These systems collect surface runoff, which is then filtered through a simple rainwater filtration process. The filtered water flows into an underground storage tank, ensuring that you have a reliable supply of water for various uses. This method is particularly effective in areas with extensive paved surfaces, helping to manage surface water and reduce the burden on municipal stormwater systems. The use of soakaway crates further aids in managing surface water, allowing for efficient infiltration and reducing the risk of flooding.

Soakaway Crates

Versatile Attenuation Tanks

Yude Rain Eco’s attenuation tanks are a key component of their rainwater harvesting system. Made from durable polypropylene, these tanks are designed to store large amounts of rainwater safely. They can be used to supply water for irrigation, flushing toilets, and other non-potable uses. These tanks are modular, allowing for flexible installation to meet your specific needs.

Attenuation Tanks
Attenuation Tanks

Recharging the Water Table with Soakaway Crates

To manage surface water and support groundwater recharge, Yude Rain Eco employs soakaway crates. These structures allow rainwater to seep back into the ground, replenishing the water table and maintaining ecological balance. This process is crucial for reducing surface runoff and preventing soil erosion.

Soakaway Crates

Comprehensive Attenuation Systems

To control the flow of excess rainwater, Yude Rain Eco’s attenuation systems are indispensable. These systems temporarily store rainwater during heavy rainfall and release it slowly, reducing the peak flow rate. This controlled release helps prevent urban flooding and alleviates the burden on local drainage infrastructure.

Soakaway Crates

Effective Flow Control

Effective flow control is a critical aspect of rainwater management. Yude Rain Eco’s system incorporates advanced flow control mechanisms to regulate the discharge of stored rainwater. This ensures that drainage systems are not overwhelmed during heavy rain events, protecting your property and the surrounding environment.

Storm Water Management

Managing storm water is essential in urban areas, especially during periods of heavy rainfall. Yude Rain Eco’s system excels in capturing and storing storm water, reducing the risk of flooding and minimizing the impact on public drainage systems. This proactive approach ensures that rainwater is managed efficiently and sustainably.

Regulated Rainwater Invocation for Optimal Use

The stored rainwater can be utilized through a carefully designed chassis and regulating system.  This system ensures that the harvested water is effectively distributed for various applications, from irrigation to potable water supply.  By controlling the flow of stormwater, Yude Rain Eco’s system mitigates the impacts of heavy rainfall, protecting your property from potential water damage.  Moreover, the water quality control mechanisms embedded in the system ensure that the water remains safe and clean for use.  This sustainable approach not only addresses water supply and sanitation challenges but also contributes to a more resilient urban infrastructure.

Rainwater Recall Control Cabinet

Potable Water and Drinking Water Solutions

The collected rainwater from Yude Rain Eco’s system is typically used for non-potable purposes such as :

1. Irrigation

2. Toilet Flushing

3. Laundry

4. Cleaning

5. Firefighting

6. Supplementing Municipal Supply.

Achieving potable water standards for drinking water requires more rigorous water treatment processes. While the system can provide high-quality water for many domestic uses, converting it to drinking water necessitates advanced filtration and purification technologies to ensure safety and compliance with health standards.Integrated

Catchment System

Yude Rain Eco’s integrated catchment system ensures that every drop of rainwater is efficiently captured and utilized. By connecting rooftops, gutters, and storage tanks, this system creates a seamless network for rainwater management. This integrated approach maximizes the efficiency of rainwater collection and use.

Underground rainwater collection and utilization system

Using Australian precipitation as a benchmark.
How much rainwater can a complete rainwater harvesting system collect per 100 square meters?

The calculation will be based on the formula:

Rainwater Collected (liters)= Area (㎡)x Average Annual Rainfall (mm)xRunoff Coefficient

For this table, we will use a common runoff coefficient of 0.85, which accounts for losses due to evaporation, splashing, and other factors:

City Average Annual Rainfall (mm) Rainwater Collected per 100 m² (liters)
Sydney 1200 102,000
Melbourne 650 55,250
Brisbane 1150 97,750
Perth 730 62,050
Adelaide 530 45,050
Hobart 600 51,000
Darwin 1720 146,200
Canberra 615 52,275

*The above data are estimates and are for reference only.


Yude Rain Eco’s rainwater harvesting system offers a comprehensive solution to rainwater management. From advanced siphon drainage systems and efficient rainwater collection to versatile attenuation tanks and effective storm water management, this system addresses every aspect of rainwater control. By adopting Yude Rain Eco’s solutions, you can protect your property from the adverse effects of heavy rainfall, reduce the risk of flooding, and promote sustainable water use. Embrace the future of rainwater management with Yude Rain Eco and contribute to a more sustainable and resilient environment.

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Picture of Yude RainEco

Yude RainEco

Yude RainEco is a leading company in China that focuses on sustainable rainwater solutions and has been in business for over 10 years. We work on creating efficient systems for managing and using rainwater.

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